Cecely Brown Integrated School Hosts Second Annual Cross Country Event

There was a fair-sized gathering of parents, family members and students of the nearby Ivor Walters Primary School, on Friday, February 7, 2020.

The big drawing card was the second annual cross country event being held by the Cecely Browne Integrated School.

The children were placed into several categories and the first race was run immediately below the school, but the other races started further down in the nearby village and ended at the school.

The results of the races were:
Race one
1st Tianna Swaby-Blue
2nd Sienna Richards –Blue
3rd Kiman Bello-Blue
4th Zeykhyja Dore-Yellow

Race two
1st Zean Stapleton-Yellow
2nd Savaun Johnson-Blue
3rd Olequan Stanley-Yellow
4th Tiaree Bryant-Blue
5th Machai Clarke –Blue
6th Octavia Stanley-Yellow

Race three
1st Anairah Hendrickson-Yellow
2nd T’Shante Thomas-Blue
3rd Maleah Dore-Yellow
4th Racheal Charran –Yellow

Race four
1st Andrew Samuels –Blue
2nd Unique Parris –Yellow
3rd Kijaunte Hobson-Blue
4th Hildreth Tross-Blue
5th Jelani Smithen-Yellow
Jahrique Grant-Yellow

Race five-Parents/Teachers’ race
1st Jennifer Liburd
2nd Deshern Wilkinson
3rd Melinda Luc
4th Anisha Douglas
5th Kimberly Bello
6th Marcella Fahie
7th Deondre Mc Koy
8th Sharon Hamilton

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