CG Massives Edges Out CG Rebels in a Nail biter

The action in the Brown Hill Basketball tournament continued on Thursday night at the Brown Hill court.
Arch rivals, CG Rebels and CG Massives engaged in a nail biting encounter.
From start to finish, the spectators were kept on their toes, with Julie being the main cheer leader all evening.
With ten seconds remaining, the score line was CG Massives 52 CG Rebels 51, with CG Massives at the free throw line.
However, with tension as sharp as a razor, the two shots were missed.
CG Rebels collected the rebound and a long pass was attempted but was easily intercepted by Matthew Harding, who deliberately dribbled the ball for the remaining seconds and then CG Massives went into wild celebrations.
Final score:
CG Massives 52 CG Rebels 51

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