It was the old vintage CG Rebels team. The guys just seemed hungry on the night. This as CG Rebels came up against D2 Ballers in the second playoff encounter of the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league.

The match was played on Tuesday 24th November.

The CG Rebels led in all quarters, with the experienced Jenerson France dunking no fewer than 42 points in the process.

D2 Ballers gave it their all, but on the night, it ended in a virtual blow out.

Final score: CG Rebels 103 D2 Ballers 54

Game summary:

C G Rebels 103 to D2 Ballers 54
First quarter Rebels 23 D2 Ballers 14
Second quarter Rebels 30 D2 Ballers 11
Third quarter Rebels 21 D2 Ballers 15
Fourth quarter Rebels 29 D2 Ballers 14

Half time score 53-25 in favor of C G Rebels

C G Rebels 103 points
Jenerson France 42poi 10reb 1ass 3ste 1b/s 6 of 10 free throw made
Donford Wilkinson 31poi 7reb 2ass 4ste 7 of 9 free throw made
Justin Jeffers 12poi 19reb 1ste 5b/s
Wayne Jeffers 7poi 15reb 5ass 4ste 1 of 2 free throw made

D2 Ballers 54 points
Orion Jones 21poi 10reb 7 of 9 free throw made
Matthew Harding 9poi 12reb 2ass 2ste 2 of 4 free throw made
Trevin Nisbett 7poi 5reb 5ass 3ste 1 of 2 free throw made
Sheldon Browne 2poi 11reb 1ass 1ste

Next game Thursday 26th November 2015 7:00pm for 3rd place Nevlec High Voltage vs. Dynasty Ballers D2 Ballers

Sunday 29th November 2015 7:00pm for Championship C G Rebels vs. Mark Brantley C G Massive. Prize giving ceremony follows.

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