CG Rebels Teaches Ole Skool A Lesson

Another intense game was played in the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league, on Tuesday 27th November, at the Church Ground hard court.

On that night, CG Rebels came up against Ole Skool. There was lots of chatter on the court and both teams demonstrated great ball skills on the night, but in the final analysis, the CG Rebels emerged as the teacher in the class as they took the game 75 to 67

This, despite a frantic late surge by the Ole Skool team in the final quarter.

1st quarter Rebels 12 Ole Skool 9
2nd quarter Rebels 20 Ole Skool 7
3rd quarter Rebels 28 Ole Skool 17
4th quarter Ole Skool 34 Rebels 15

Half time score: Rebels 32 Ole Skool 16

CG Rebels
Jenerson France 21 points; 7 rebounds
Jermie Jeffers 15 points; 2 rebounds
Royden Browne 9 points; 6 rebounds
Hassan Harvey 8 points; 4 rebounds

Ole Skool
Shevon Browne 14 points; 11 rebounds
Trevor Arthurton 11 points; 11 rebounds
Vance Allen 23 points; 4 rebounds
Santos Calderon 1 point; 1 rebound

The next game in the tournament is set for tonight-Wednesday 28th November at 7 pm when CSS takes on Dynasty Ballers.

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