Chapman Breaks Long Standing Record

There was much excitement at the Gingerland Secondary School on Thursday 12th February as the school hosted its annual cross country runs.

The juniors ran during the morning session and the seniors took the spotlight during the afternoon.
For the junior girls, a determined Jeaneissa Caines outran the more favoured Schadone Liburd, on the back stretch leading to the school, to take gold and Zario Chumney ran away from the pack to take the junior boys event.

For the senior girls, Keimarley Stanley took gold, followed in hot pursuit by Darvel Challenger.

However, the main race of the day was the senior boys’ event.
Leroy Chapman received an early challenge but started to dominate as he climbed the hills into Rawlins and through the sixteen acres area.
By the time he was heading through Zetlands, there was no one close to him.
He stated after the event that he was more intent on winning the race but as he approached the Market Shop area, someone told him that he was on course for the record and he gave it his all.
It was an outstanding finish and he was cheered on every inch of the way to the finish line.
‘The final result is that he smashed a long standing record by another outstanding former athlete (now deceased), Thynel Martin.

The top placers in the events were as follows:
Junior girls
Jeneissa Caines
Schadone Liburd
Zweyna Jones
Aleyah Sampson
Jevysa Dore
Junior Boys
Zario Chumney
Quawmba Hendrickson
Rydel Jeffers
Isaiah Wilkin
Gevorn Hendrickson
Senior girls
Keimarley Stanley
Darvel Challenger
Sheverly Mitchell
Talia Rawlins
Tangela Dunrod
Senior boys
Leroy Chapman—new record
Troy Freeman
Dejon Jeffers
Tejahnie Arthurton
Andre Arthurton

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