By:Curtis morton

Charlestown-Nevis- Director of the Community Development Department, Mrs. Janet Meloney, on Wednesday of this week, took time out to thank the hard working committee of the newly revived St.Thomas’ festival, for a job well done.

‘I want to say kudos to Miss Tricia Williams, chairperson and her hard working team, for a job well done,’ said Mrs. Meloney.

The Community Development is on a drive to ensure that each parish on the island of Nevis, hosts a regular festival, each year. The department successfully revived Gingerama in the ST. George’s Parish, last December, through the hard work of a dynamic committee led by Mr. Eric Evelyn.  That committee has already put certain plans in place for the hosting of the Gingerama festival at the end of this year and it is anticipated that it will be even bigger and better this year.

In reviewing the St.Thomas’ Fes’, Mrs. Meloney highlighted the Gospel concert and noted that it was very well attended despite the fact that it was held on a Sunday afternoon, when most persons may have been in their respective churches. She also lauded the tremendous and varied talents exhibited by the residents of the area.

The teen pageant, she described as ‘spectacular,’ and stated that it was keenly contested and a huge crowd was in attendance.

Similarly, the calypsonians received plaudits for their exhibition at the Calypso show. She pointed out that some persons were not aware that some of the guys had that kind of talent and she noted that the huge crowd and their positive response was testimony to the fact that the show went extremely well.

She also stated that the community fun day served to reflect true community spirit and she was pleased with the response of the members of the community, as they shared in the food, music and games.

Other activities included, the jouvert; insomnia and cool down, which from all reports went extremely well.

Mrs. Meloney also pointed to the fact that at this time of the year, her Department is currently hosting four community based classes for interested persons:

A pastry making class at the Pond Hill Community Center which is held on Mondays; a pastry making class at the Franklyn Browne Community Center, which is held on Wednesdays; a pastry making class at the Jessups Community Center, which is held on Thursdays and a sewing class which is held the Masie Bartlette Community Center, which is held on Wednesdays.

The pastry classes are facilitated by Mr. Sylvester Wallace and the Sewing class is being facilitated by Miss Mavis Parris.

Meantime, Mrs. Meloney also used the opportunity to appeal to the various communities across the island to register their proposed dates for upcoming Christmas tree lighting ceremonies that are normally held in December.  She indicated that once all of the dates are registered, that they will sorted into a package which will be released to the general public.

She further stated that ‘Miracle on Main Street,’ will again be one of the featured aspects of the upcoming Christmas festivities. There will be extra emphasis on reviving the Cowboys and Indians and fine tuning aspects of the presentation of the JAPANESE GIRLS.

She is urging the general public to continue to be patriotic and ensure that they are a part of the positive development of their island.

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