Details of final preliminary matches in Tape ball competition

The details of the final two matches in the preliminary rounds of the Tape ball tournament, hosted by the Youth and Sports Department and sponsored by the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, have been released.

In the match between Rawlins and Highlights, was declared the winner, as the Highlights team failed to show up to resume then incomplete match.

Summarized scores: Rawlins 85 for 4 from 10 overs: Z. Chapman 24*; R. Solomon 22

  1. Nisbett 2 for 9; Wendell Wallace 1 for 7

Match affected by rain. Highlights failed to show for their innings

In the feature game between SDA Jets and Empire, Empire won by a mere 1 run.

Summarized scores: Empire 75 for 7 from 10 overs: J. Allen 31;

Curtis Morton Sr 25; Junior Mills 15*; Adelvin Phillip 13

Curtis Morton Jr 2 for 9; Randolph Maynard 2 for 17; Zavero Forbes 1 for 17; Elroy Kelly 1 for 17

SDA Jets 74 for 5 from 10 overs: Curtis Morton Sr 25; Zavero Forbes 14; Curtis Morton Jr 12; Bernette Thompson 11

  1. Merchant 2 for 17; Joel Simmonds 1 for 9; Adelvin Phillip 1 for 13

Empire won by 1 run

Man of the match-Curtis Morton Jr

The semifinals will now be played tomorrow Saturday -10th November when Empire will engage GT United and SDA Jets will face off with All Stars. The first match will commence at 6 pm.

The grand finals will be played on Sunday 11th November at the ET Willet Park

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