BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, NOVEMBER 16th, 2016 (PRESS SEC)  — Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris is encouraging officials in his 21-month-old Team Unity administration to ensure that a few road projects are fast-tracked to start by the end of December, in order for them to be “Christmas gifts that we can give to the people.”  One of the dirt roads to be paved leads to the Grange, the first purpose-built private nursing home and healthcare facility in St. Kitts.

Prime Minister Harris, the Parliamentary Representative for Belle Vue to Ottley’s, said on Sunday, November 13th, 2016 during a well-attended Constituency #7 general meeting at the Violet Petty Primary School in Lodge Project that, “We want the road to the Grange before Christmas.”

Addressing the large crowd, the Honourable Prime Minister added: “If you want it, give Minister Liburd [the Honourable Ian Patches Liburd, Minister of Public Infrastructure et al.] a round of applause to encourage him.”  The crowd immediately erupted in hearty applause.

The Honourable Prime Minister continued: “A lot of people are coming in for Carnival and a lot of people plan to go down there to bring greetings to loved ones.  So we want the road before Christmas.  It is really about the country because the residents of the Grange come from all over the country.  That road, therefore, is for national development and it is in the national interest, and we welcome it and we are happy for it.”

The Grange, which was established 16 years ago, currently has 32 residents who hail from St. Kitts and Nevis, as well as the Caribbean region and the United States.

Speaking on the phone with the Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday, Tuesday, November 15th, Mrs. Pat Richards-Leader, M.B.E., the owner of the Grange – upon hearing what Dr. Harris said on Sunday – remarked: “Praise to God!  Sixteen years I’ve been waiting.  People see the towering building from the road only to meet bumps on their way here.”

Mrs. Richards-Leader added: “I just want to thank the Prime Minister.  I know he is a man of his word.  He has tried to get the road done over the past 16 years.  He told me so previously.”

At Sunday’s constituency meeting, Mr. Cromwell Williams, the Director of Public Works, said that, “The road to the Grange is in dire need of servicing…We have undertaken a tendering process already for the construction of that road.  We are at the stage where we are evaluating various bids…and I am certain that sometime during the course of this week the necessary decision will be made as to who would be the successful contractor.  Hence, by as early as next week, we will see the start of that project.”   

Mr. Williams said that plans are also afoot to construct a road for Ottley’s Housing Extension, Phase Two, next to the Grange.  The project, which is also in the tendering stage, will start construction at the same time as the road leading to the Grange.

A third road project will also start next to the public bath in Lodge Village.  Mr. Williams told the meeting attendees on Sunday that, “I am from this area, and I know that residents have been looking forward for that road to be done for a very long time.  We finally will have that road being undertaken in the very near future.  We are tying that road with a link road from Upper Borryeau to Lodge Village…We are just waiting for the final information from the surveyors before we can determine exactly how we are going to approach the surfacing of that road, in particular the drainage in that area.”

The Director of Public Works informed the Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday, Tuesday, that, “The cost of the three roads is approximately EC$2 million.”  Mr. Cromwell Williams, the Director, indicated that the impending road works form part of the government’s comprehensive road investment strategy.  “Government intends to undertake construction of several roads in housing developments throughout the island; the initial 28 of which are estimated to cost over EC$65 million,” Mr. Williams added.

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