Morocco Scholarship Program Is Now Open

The Scholarship Program of Morocco is now accepting applications from citizens who are interested in pursuing studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology, and Pharmacy Practice.

Who can apply?

• Undergraduate students aged between 19 and 23 years old who held a CAPE/associate degree in 2023 with grade A or B or are preparing the same in 2024 and maintained a good academic record during the last two semesters of their studies.

• Graduate students who hold a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with a grade of A or B and who are interested in applying for a master’s degree.

• May 31st, 2024
• July 20th, 2024

N/B Interested persons are asked to join the Study in Morocco Informational Webinar on Friday, May 17 @10 am.

See the link below to register.

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