Dominoes Kezie Pulls Off Top Domino Competition

Well-known local and Leeward Islands cricketer, Kezron KEZIE Archibald, managed to pull off a top Domino competition, last weekend.

The competition was held at the popular Sandy’s shop in Brown Hill, over two days-Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th January.

Kezie explained that he felt like doing something for the community and although lots of people thought that as a cricketer, he would do something pertaining to Cricket, he felt like doing something different, as he also loves the game of Domino.

His love for Domino, started way back at the age of 16 when he started playing the game at places like the Fire Hall, X out, FIBI, Pond Hill and other Domino hot spots.

He noted that the game gave him a different sense of peace and he always had to be THINKING-strategically and thinking ahead.

He also fell in love with the atmosphere around the Domino table.

As a youngster then, he received great encouragement from the older guys like ZULU, Face, Ian Byron, BULF and others.

He noted that such guys served as mentors in his life and helped to keep him on the straight and narrow.

‘Domino brings a sense of social wellbeing and lifts community spirit,’ he stated.

Having conceived the idea of a Domino competition, he linked with his good friend, ETO DAN, who has successfully organized competitions in the past and everything was set after that.

He felt that there was no better place to start than at the popular Sandy’s shop in Brown Hill, as he had not seen any of the previous competitions held in Brown Hill.

He noted that the competition brought together lots of people, from all communities across the island, for the two days.

There was lots of drinks, fish, Sandy’s famous chicken, a Sunday lunch and Sandy donated a case of drinks, to the top four placed teams.

The team of BAD Man Polo and Fisherman ATTA won the top prize of $1200.00

2nd place $800.00

3rd $500.00

4th $250.00

Kezie noted that he was happy to be able to give back in such a manner and stated:

‘I enjoyed the vibes!”

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