By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Friday 22nd April was a significant one in the lives of Mrs. Doris Tyson-Walwyn of Brown Hill village and indeed her entire family.

That was the day that she celebrated her 82nd birthday.

Daughter Cherry-Anne Walwyn explained the significance of this particular birthday.

Earlier in the year, Mrs. Tyson –Walwyn was hospitalized after indicating that she was not feeling well.

After the initial checks by the Doctors, the family was told that she just about one week to live.

‘Thank God, many months after, she is still here with us,’ she said.

Even though an expansive birthday celebration was held at the OCCASIONS on the occasion of her 80th birthday, she noted that when they asked her what she wanted for her birthday this time around, she stated that she wanted a party.

So, the family got together to celebrate her in a big way at the OCCASIONS on Friday 22nd April.

Also present at the event was Seniors’ Divison Coordinator, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson who presented a fruit basket to the celebrant on behalf of the Ministry of Social development and City drugstore.

Some of the children, grand children and great grand children also saluted the matriarch of the family in song and poetry.

The event was ably chaired by the charismatic Eric Evelyn.

Mrs. Tyson-Walwyn for her part, thanked God for her extended life and thanked her family for what they continue to do for her.

She even rendered a beautiful solo, which attracted the call for an encore.

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