The Dynamics Sports Club commenced its first ever Inter Parish League on Saturday 28th September, 2013 at the Old Manor hard court.

There was a brief opening ceremony with remarks from Acting Director of Sports Mr Jamir Claxon who spoke about fostering sports among the young in the community and the importance of keeping the youths motivated and involved in positive activities.  Ms Joyce Moving, the Community Development Officer for the area, lent her support to the league and noted that her Department was all about encouraging such tournaments, towards the overall positive development of the community.

Featured speaker Ms Claudia Walwyn spoke about fair play, co-operation and the importance of taking care of one’s body.

Mr Claxton also made a personal donation to the club towards the purchase of balls.

The proceedings were chaired by Mrs. Shinika Lewis-Eaton who is a former player of the Dynamics Sports Club. During the vote of thanks, Mrs. Govanie Manners-Hendrickson thanked her entire team, Cocoa Cola Shamrocks and the general community.

Mrs. Hendrickson also took time to encourage the general public to come out as they develop the youths through sports.

After the opening ceremony there were two exhibition games. The first game was a Netball game with Cocoa Cola Shamrocks taking on. Dynamics Elite.

The final scores:.

1st quarter: 5 – 4 in favor of CCS

2nd quarter: 16 – 11 –CCS

3rd quarter:  26 -19–CCS

4th quarter and final score: 36 – 24   in favour of Cocoa Cola Shamrocks

The Cocoa Cola Shamrocks won the game.

The second game was a Basketball game. Sadly, the NEVLEC SHOCKERS shockingly were a no show. However the Dynamics Dynasty branched out and split into two and also managed to recruit some other players from the village teams and played a game among themselves These are the scores from the two halves played:

  • · 17 – 11 in favor of team A
  • · 47 -37 Team A winning.

Here are the results of the 3×3 Basketball games played on 29th September, 2013

Game One:

Zion Ballers vs .Clay Ghaut Lighting

First period.  6  to 3

Second period 13 to 6 winning team was Zion Ballers

Game Two

Gingerland Soldiers representing Maynard’s Ground vs. Ball All Day rep. Rawlins Village

First period 10 to 8 in favor of Gingerland Soldiers

Second period 18 to 18 the game went in to extra period.

Final score 20 – 18 winning team Gingerland Soldiers

Game Three

Ball All Day rep. Rawlins Village vs. Clay Ghaut Lighting

First period.  10 to 7 in favour of Ball All Day

Second period 18 to 19 winning team was Clay Ghaut Lighting.

Game Four

Gingerland Soldiers representing Maynard’s Ground vs.  Zion Ballers

First period 5 to 5

Second period 6 to 14 winning team Gingerland Soldiers

Games will continue with 3×3 Basketball on Thursday with Hickman’s vs. Rawlins “Ball all day” at 7pm

and there will be Netball and Basketball on Saturday 5th October starting at 7:30 pm.


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