Emmanuel Richards Football Camp Going Well

The Emmanuel Richards Football summer camp is going well so far.

This was confirmed by Mr. Emmanuel Richards himself on Thursday, as he was visited by NTV Sports.

Richards noted that the number of attendees on that day had risen to 53 individuals and indicated that they were being taught the basic skills of the game which include dribbling and passing the ball.

He also had words of commendation for the coaches who are on board this year and noted that retired top cop, Mr. Bertie, had also volunteered his services.

He again praised his kitchen staff and other individuals, who may not be seen at the forefront of the program, but who dedicate time and effort every year, to make sure that it happens and happens at a high standard.

He also again thanked the sponsors of the program and stated that this year, the children were able to get not one but two different t-shirts, complements of the sponsors.

Next week, he is planning to have at least two motivational speakers to talk with the young Footballers about general issues of life and as the camp climaxes, there will be match simulations, based on the age groups of the children involved.

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