Fast Twitch Track Club Wins Club Championships

The club championships hosted by the St. Kitts-Nevis Amateur Athletic Association, was held for the first time at the Nevis Athletic Stadium aka Mondo track, on Sunday 27th May.
Despite consistently overcast conditions, a sizable crowd showed up to witness the event.
Nine clubs from St. Kitts and Nevis participated in the event. They were: Fast Twitch Track club; Titans Athletic Club; Extreme Velocity track club; Outer Limits Athletic Club; Etonics track club; Gladiators track club; Trail Blazers track club; Over the Top track club and Elite Performance track club.

After an impressive opening ceremony, the athletes competed in the following events: Discus throw; high jump; long jump; 400 meters hurdles; 100 meters; shot put; 800 meters; 200 meters and the 1200 meters.
Inclement weather forced an early end to the meet and so the relays were not contested.
Overall results:

Champions–Fast Twitch Track club 9 gold; 4 silver; 7 bronze-20 medals

Titans Athletic Club 6 gold; 7 silver; 7 bronze-20 medals

Extreme Velocity track club 6 gold; 5 silver; 0 bronze-11 medals

Outer Limits Athletic Club 2 gold; 3 silver; 3 bronze-8 medals

Etonics track club 2 gold; 2 silver; 3 bronze-7 medals

Gladiators track club 1 gold; 3 silver; 2 bronze-6 medals

Trail Blazers track club 1 gold; 3 silver 1 bronze -5 medals

Elite Performance track club 0 gold; 1 silver; 1 bronze -2 medals

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