Fire Department and Disaster Management Teamed Up In Explorative Climb

Butler’s Village, Nevis – It was a public holiday, Monday, August 3 and the Disaster Management office, led by Brian Dyer and the Fire and Rescue Department, represented by seasoned hiking guide, Kenneth Dore, ventured into a journey of the unknown.

After a brief invocation at the start of the hike, Dore explained that he would be leading the 84 plus, brave souls, on a hike into the unknown.

‘I do not know where I am going, so I do not know where I am taking you,’ he warned.

Dore, however, explained that the collaborative effort, between the two key entities on the island, was as a result that too many times, people go on similar ‘blind’ hikes and when they run into problems, the same two departments, have to take responsibility, in order to have them rescued.

Hikers high in the mountain

So the idea was for the group, to explore hitherto unknown trails so that the departments will be updated on such trails, which would facilitate, better rescue preparation.

To their credit, most of the 84 persons, endured the arduous climb into the Butler’s mountain and came back virtually unscathed.

Unfortunately, there were a few spills and one lady apparently suffered a broken arm in the process, but the first aid team did a fantastic job on-site.

Others perceived the climb as being too difficult and stopped en route.

For those who completed the course, they generally agreed that it was a fulfilling experience, which may well be okay for once in a lifetime.

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