Football : Youths Of the Future Give Hardtimes A Hard Time

Youths beats Hardtimes

In game two of the opening night of the local Football league, on the evening of Sunday 27th November, the Youths of the future came up against Hard Times.

It was a one-sided affair in the final analysis, as the Youths pommeled the Hard Times goal, time after time, to secure 5 goals to nil victory.

It could have been worse, but youthful goalie Clarke who is probably not much more than 13 years of age, made a number of excellent saves.

The goal scorers for the youths were: Zaykeese Smith in the 2nd minute; Kamarley Newton in the 34th; Tyrese Jeffers in the 52nd; Makohen Gumbs in the 58th and Maliquo Clarke in the 82nd minute.

The tournament continues this evening-Thursday 1st December, with a doubleheader at the Nevis Athletic Stadium:
Bath United v Hardtimes at 6 pm and Youths of the future versus Pioneers at 8 pm

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