Winners Circle Newtown United Wins SKNFA Easter Cup 2016 Played At Warner Park Stadium Over The Weekend (Friday 1st to Sun 3rd April, 2016):
Steadroy Techeira
On Friday 1st April

Easter Cup Semi Finals

At Warner Park Stadium

S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United 2          vs.          ELCO Limited St. Peters 0
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scoring for S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United
Jakiel Leader 52nd minute
Akio Benjamin 87th minute

Yellow Cards
Valmon Jeffers (St. Peters) 16th minute
Kareem Harris (St. Peters) 18th minute
Keithroy Freeman (St. Pauls) 21st & 74th minute

Red Card
Kiethroy Freeman (St. Pauls) 74th minute

* Officials were Travester Richards, Delroy Jeffers, Jason Rouse & James Matthew
*Match Coordinator was Diane Browne
*Match Commissioner was Theo Clarke

Match 2

* Winners Circle Newtown United defeated Rams Village Superstars 5 – 3 on kicks from the penalty mark after the game was tied at 1-1 after regulation time of 90th minutes.

Regulation Time

Rams Village Superstars 1         vs.         Winners Circle Newtown United 1
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scoring for Rams Village Superstars
Stephen Clarke 44th minute
* Lawrence Jeffers missed a penalty for Rams Village Superstars in the 5th minute of added time in the second half

Scoring for Winners Circle Newtown United
Orlando Mitchum 2nd minute of added time in the second half

Yellow Cards
Jason Isaac (Newtown) 20th minute
Kimron Browne (Newtown) 50th minute
Chevroy Rouse (Village) 69th minute
Carlos Bertie (Newtown) 78th minute
Delroy Delaney (Newtown) 79th minute

Red Card
Joseph Wilkes (Village) 47th minute

Penalty Scorers for Winners Circle Newtown United 5
Oldain Powell
Carlos Bertie
Akil Byron
Kiethroy Saddler
Malivia Harris

Penalty Scorers for Rams Village Superstars 3
Kimaree Rogers,
Stephen Clarke
Yusuf Saunders
* Lawrence Jeffers missed his penalty for the second time

* Officials were Kimbell Ward, Shakel Campbell, Garfield Virgo & Kenfick Phipps
* Match Coordinator was Marcia Francis
* Match Commissioner was Lawson Archibald

Elvis Star Browne Women’s League

At Newtown Playing Field

* Gordon’s St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers did not show up for their game against Bath United.
* Officials were Florencetine Morton, Steadroy Techeira & Kendrea Tully

Saturday 2nd April

Premier League (Round 111) Week 1

At Warner Park Stadium

Fast Cash SPD United 3             vs.       Bath United 0
(Half Time 0 – 0)

Scoring for Fast Cash SPD United
Kirea Jarvis struck twice in the 62nd & 74th minute
Steve Barnes 90th minute

Yellow Cards
Shaeed Tyson (Bath) 58th minute

Red Cards
Fernando Williams (SPD) 56th minute
Jeangardy Petit-frere (Bath) 56th minute

* Officials were Judell Matthew, Kelvin Pemberton, Shane Browne & Tristley Bassue
* General Coordinator was Diana Browne
* Match Commissioner was Esinton Watts

Match 2

Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs 3       vs.            Rivers of Living Water 0
(Half Time 3 – 0)

Scoring for Hobson Enterprises Garden Hotspurs
Sherwin Allen 28th minute
Tiran Hanley 42nd minute
Al Richards 45th minute (penalty)

* Joshua Liburd missed a penalty for Rivers of Living Water in the 79th minute

Yellow Cards
Tiran Hanley (Spurs) 43rd minute
Alvaro Christopher (Rivers) 62nd minute
Crispin Nisbett (Spurs) 77th minute

* Nickolas Rose, Walter James, Kenni Martin & Travester Richards
* General Coordinator was Dexter Tyrell
* Match Commissioner was Steadroy Techeira
* Referee Assessor was Sherlene Browne

Division 1

At Sandy Point Playing Field

Sandy Point 3        vs.            Hard Times 0
(Half Time 2 – 0)

Scoring for Sandy Point
Dilyn Liddie 14th minute
Shazeef Thompson 42nd minute
Tijuani Fahie 64th minute

Scoring for Hard Times
Jamal Jean Jacques 53rd minute

Yellow Card
Steveron Woodley (S/Point) 39th minute

* Officials were Tyrone Nisbett, Steadroy Techeira & Halva Hendrickson

At St. Pauls Playing Field

IDS Dieppe Bay Eagles 2            vs.           St. Thomas/Trinity Strikers 0

* Officials were Stedroy Douglas, Lloyd Rouse & Len Harris

On Sunday 3rd April

Easter Cup Third Place Playoff

At Warner Park Stadium

* ELCO Limited St. Peters defeated Rams Village Superstars 7 – 6 on kicks from the penalty mark after the game ended 2 – 2 in regulation time of 90th minute.

Regulation Time

ElCO Limited St. Peters 2          vs.        Rams Village Superstars 2
(Half Time 2 – 1)

Scoring for ElCO Limited St. Peters
Lyndon David 26th minute
Yuson Slader 32nd minute

Scoring for Rams Village Superstars
Jason Gumbs 12th minute
Kimaree Rogers 89th minute  

Penalty Scorers for  ElCO Limited St. Peters
Ashton Davis
Lyndon David
Delroy Barzey
Yusuf Slader
Kevis Hanley
Deshawn Francis
Rhondelle Brookes
* Tyquan Terrell & Aiden Nurse missed their penalty.

Penalty Scorer for Rams Village Superstars
Kimaree Rogers
Stephen Clarke
Dillon Caines
Joel Jeffers
Avon Liburd
Lawrence Jeffers
*G’vaune Amory, Yusuf Saunder & Asim Henry missed their penalty.

* Officials were James Matthew, Delroy Jeffers, Garfield Virgo & Tyrone Nisbett
* General Coordinator was Cassolis Richardson
* Match Commissioner was Eunice Greenaway

Easter Cup Finals

Winners Circle Newtown United 3    vs.            S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United 0
(Half Time 2 – 0)

Scoring for Winners Circle Newtown United
Vidal Hendrickson 39th minute
Orlando Mitchum 2nd minute of added time in the second half
Ronaldo Belgrove 59th minute

* Omarie Francis missed a penalty for S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United in the 31st minute

Yellow Cards
Jason Isaac (Newtown) 31st & 79th minute
Akil Byron (Newtown) 68th minute

Red Card
Jason Isaac (Newtown) 79th minute

* Officials were Tristley Bassue, Graeme Browne, Jason Rouse & Kimbell Ward
* General Coordinator was Derrick Flyfield
* Referee Assessor was Sherlene Browne

Easter Cup Final Positions

1st     –     Winners Circle Newtown United

2nd    –     S. L. Horsford St. Pauls United

3rd    –      ELCO Limited St. Peters

4th    –     Rams Village Superstars

Elvis Star Browne Women’s League

At Bath Playing Field

Bath United 4           vs.        National U-20 1
(Half Time 2 – 1)

Scoring for Bath United
Sian Leader 10th minute
Rozel Liburd struck twice in the 29th & 69th minute
Kerisha 70th minute

Scoring for National U-20
Jallinae Clarke 13th minute

Yellow Card
Seline Clarke (Bath) 84th minute

* Officials were Jermaine Wickham & Saskiya Parris

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