Friends’ Bar Defeats Black Hat’s Place In Close Contest

The Football action in the CLASH OF THE SHOPS, continued at the Bath Village playing field, on Sunday, August 30, 2020.


It was a keenly contested match, from start to finish. There were a few great attempts at goal and a few stunning saves, at either end of the field.  Small wonder, at the half time whistle, the score was still nil-all.

Both teams gave their all for the final twenty minutes of the game and both goalkeepers, protected their goals as if their very lives depended on it.  But something had to give.

A minor defensive error saw Jeangardy Pettifiere, peel off a stunning right booter that left the BLACK HAT’S PLACE goalie flat-footed.  The goalkeeper, however, soon after that, prevented another screamer from going in, but the Friends’ bar‘s team, was the one celebrating, at the final whistle.

Final score:
Friends Bar 1 – Black Hat’s Place 0
Goalscorer—Jeangardy Pettifiere

Upcoming games-Thursday, September 3, 2020:

4.30 pm – Clash of the ladies (an all ladies match up)
5.30 pm – The Corner Shop versus Friends Bar

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