Gingerland Secondary School re-opens for new school term

The Gingerland Secondary School re-opened its doors yesterday Monday, September 8, 2014 for the start of new school term and school year.

This opening was originally scheduled to be on Monday, September 01, 2014 but was delayed by one week due to renovations, fumigation and pest control work being undertaken at the institution.

When the school flung opened its doors yesterday, staff and students were surprised by the pleasant and improved conditions throughout the buildings. Windows and doors had been replaced, new paint had been applied and most importantly, the bathrooms had been renovated with new plumbing, new face basins, toilets and tiles.

The Principal of the institution, Mrs. Lorna Brandy was very pleased with the work that was done at the school to give the institution a ‘new look’ and ‘new feel’ for the new term. She was of the view that the renovations would positively impact the psyche of both staff and students and make the institution a more conducive place to work, study and learn.

Mrs. Brandy hoped the students would take care of the school, its equipment, furniture and materials. She hoped that parents would speak to their children about being responsible and not destroy and deface the institution.

Mrs. Brandy also admonished the students, to be on good and cordial terms with each other and to never settle disputes through fighting.

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