The Heats winner at the Maude Cross Preparatory school, has been officially declared.

Gold house was officially declared champions after the completion of the cross country runs held on Friday 4th March.

Despite the inclement weather, a fair amount of parents and other family members, showed up to witness the children in action.

The top placements in the various categories were as follows:

Pre School Girls

Tafara Brooks Gold House

Shyhedra Daniel  Red House

Nigelica Lescott   Gold House

Skyla Connor       Green House

Suira Rawlins        Green House

Pre School Boys

J’Dante Sweeney  Gold House

Nathan Lestrade     Red House

Caiden Pinney        Green House

Tevon Wattley         Green House

Zayne Mintos          Gold House


Kindergarten & Grade 1 Girls

Zhanea Underwood      Gold House

Jaliyah Skeete              Green House

Delinah Spellen             Green House

Gianna Stephen             Gold House

Cy’Asia Tyson                Red House


Kindergarten & Grade 1 Boys

Kymarni Underwood   Gold House

Tevez Wilkin             Green House

Ja’Rando Huggins     Green House

K’monte Challenger   Gold House

Kimani Flemming      Red House


Grade 2&3 Girls

Tiquanna Dore   Red House

Lekeisha Clarke  Red House                             Soleil(solay) Liburd  Gold House

Zhanee Moving       Red House

Makenzie Hall          Red House


Grade 2 & 3 Boys

Jaska Arthurton            Green House

Toni Zheng                  Gold House

Vidal J Jones             Green House

Ben Zheng                 Red House

Menilek Gittens         Green House

Grade 4 – 6 Girls

Sasha Parris       Gold House

Keshawnna Smithen  Green House

Alexa Walwyn          Gold House

Azariah Rivers          Green House

Shuntema Delashley   Gold House

Grade 4 -6 boys

Alexander Caines     Green House

Hallie Yankey          Red House

Jevaughnie Reid      Gold House

Levonski Jeffers      Green House

Kephra Grandison    Gold House


Gold House 1st 310 points  Green House 2nd   304 points  Red House 236 points

Sports Day March 10 @ E T Willet Park under the Patronage of past student, Tyler Martin.

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