Healthcare Veteran Mary Miller Sallah to Begin On-Site Evaluation at J.N.F. Hospital as Part of Accreditation Efforts

Mrs Mary Miller Sallah

Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis  [Ministry of Health] – Today marks the beginning of a significant phase in the J.N.F. Hospital’s path towards accreditation, with Mrs Mary Miller Sallah, a distinguished professional with 14 years of experience in healthcare operations, health system transformation, and quality improvement, initiating a week-long on-site visitation. This visit is a critical component of the ongoing assessment efforts aimed at achieving accreditation status for the hospital.

Mrs. Miller Sallah, known for her substantial contributions to healthcare institutions across the region, including in Antigua and the British Virgin Islands, begins her consultation process at J.N.F. Hospital with a strategic meeting involving the hospital’s administration and key health sector stakeholders. This meeting, held this morning in the J.N.F. conference room, sets the stage for a series of discussions focused on identifying gaps, setting timelines, and outlining the necessary steps, opportunities, and risks associated with the accreditation journey.

The quest for accreditation of the J.N.F. General Hospital is a prime objective spearheaded by the Prime Minister and Minister of Health, Dr. Terrance Drew, with Dr. Theodore Hanley serving as the special advisor to the Ministry of Health for Accreditation. This initiative underscores the commitment to enhancing the quality and standards of healthcare services provided to the community.

While Mrs. Miller Sallah’s initial visit is scheduled for one week, her engagement with the J.N.F. Hospital is part of a long-term collaboration aimed at supporting the institution’s continuous improvement efforts. This endeavor reflects the dedication of all involved parties to achieving a standard of excellence that benefits patients and the wider community.

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