History Records Historic Tie

By Curtis Morton

According the official scores released after the 100 meter events, Charlestown Primary was leading the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school, by a mere two points, while defending champions, St. Thomas’ Primary, was trailing by all of ten points, after leading for some time, during the course of the day.

And so, it all came down to the final two 4X400 meter races.

In the female match up, Charlestown Primary took gold and after a fierce tussle in the male category, Charlestown Primary again took gold, as one of their top athletes, stormed down the track, much to the delight of their fan base.

Small wonder, the Charlestown Primary school, celebrated prematurely, with a lap of honour.

Then came the shocker: Announcer Rudy Browne, in revealing the scores, indicated that the Charlestown Primary School, had secured joint championship honours, with the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school, as they had effectively tied on points. Apparently, there had been some disqualifications of one or two Charlestown Primary School athletes, for running in the wrong lanes, during the 100 meter events.

The Joycelyn Liburd Primary school, then took a lap of honour!

A number of the Charlestown Primary’s supporters, expressed their disgust at the results and some queried the possibility of a recount.

The action was at the new MONDO facility, located at Long Point, on Wednesday 28th March, as the annual Gulf Insurance Primary schools championship was held there, for the first time.

The distinguished joint patrons were: Mr. Jamol Hamilton and Miss Latoya Jones, who were both former top athletes at their school then, the St. Thomas’ Primary.

The event commenced with an opening ceremony, ably chaired by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Kevin Barrett.

This included a prayer by Pastor Cecil Bartlette; the singing of the national anthem of St. Kitts and Nevis by Synovia Vaughn; the athletes’ oath; the officials’ oath and several brief addresses by some of the dignitaries present.

Among those addressing the gathering were: Dr. Robertine Chaderton-SIDF representative; Mr. Alex Malins Smith-Gulf Insurance representative and Minister of Sports in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Eric Evelyn.

After the usual march past and inspection of the competing teams, Premier Mark Brantley addressed the gathering and ended by effectively declaring the meet and indeed the new facility, officially opened.

The action on the track was fast and furious and really competitive and the hundreds of spectators, who showed up for the event, were truly thoroughly entertained.

The official overall point standings at the end of the meet were as follows:

Charlestown Primary and Joycelyn Liburd Primary-181 points –joint Zone A champions

St. Thomas’ Primary-168 points

Elizabeth Pemberton Primary-128 points-Zone B champions

Ivor Walters Primary-94 points

Maude Cross Preparatory -62 points

VOJN-41 points

St. James’ Primary-9 points

On that day, it would be forever etched in the memory of all who saw it, that Sasha Parris of the Maude Cross Preparatory School, secured the first gold on the new track, in the 400 meters event.

Quite appropriately, the noises of dissent, were drowned out by loud explosions, as a fantastic fireworks display, effectively brought an end to a long and exciting day.



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