Houses Interestingly Positioned At St. James’ Primary

The St. James’ Primary school held its annual road relays on Friday 8th February.
Due to the small roll of the school, the junior boys and girls and the senior boys and girls, ran mixed races.
The juniors commenced at the bus stop in Brick Kiln and ran towards the school on the main road, passing the baton several times on route, while the seniors commenced at Barnaby Village and ran along the main road, exchanging batons several times as well.
As per usual, parents, siblings and other family members, showed up to show their support and there was much excitement and enthusiasm, as the races were fairly competitive.
Summary of races:
Junior Girls and Boys:
1st Green house
2nd Gold house
3rd Red house
Senior Girls and Boys:
1st Red house
2nd Gold house
3rd Green house
Total points:
Gold house -20 points
Green house- 20 points
Red house-20 points

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