Huge wild fire at Westbury, Nevis-No serious damage

(Charlestown, Nevis) Wild fire are on the rise in the Federation. Here on Nevis, a wildfire raged in St.James’s Parish this past weekend in the area surrounding Westbury. It burnt over 6 acres of land and in the process destroyed countless trees.

Information recieved from the Fire Services on Nevis indicates that on Saturday, March 4,2013 the fire department recieved a call in regards to a fire in West bury. According to one FireFighter, the fire may have been fueled by cinder dry foliage and hot winds. It is said that the blaze doubled in a short time after the arrival of the fire services. Fortunately, because it was a non-residential area they just allowed the fire to burn itself out, while keeping it under constant surveillance. According to the FireFighters, the homes in the village were not threatened by the fast moving fire

According to a fire officer, the main contributing factor to the upsurge in wild fires is the severe drought that is plaguing the island of Nevis. He noted that this is the time of the year when most fires occur and the fire department along with citizens have to stay alert

We kindly request the cooperation of the general public in refraning from the lighting of fires.

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