Hurricane Cristobal Is A Potential Threat To Bermuda Featured

Bermuda Weather Service
Media Release

HAMILTON (BWS | 06:00AM) — Tropical moisture from distant Hurricane Cristobal brings a few morning showers that increase tonight through Wednesday with a chance of thunder.

Strong to near gale winds arrive early Wednesday and Cristobal is expected to pass Wednesday night. Conditions then settle Thursday and Friday. Cristobal is being closely monitored for any significant changes.

Today -Sunny periods with a few showers… Winds south-southwesterly light to moderate, backing south-southeasterly moderate in the afternoon… High near 27°C/80°F. UV Index – 10 or very high.

Tonight -Cloudy, few showers increasing with chance thunder later… Winds south-southeasterly moderate to strong, increasing strong with gusts to gale force late tonight… Low near 22°C/72°F.

Wednesday -Sunny periods with a few showers and a chance of thunder… Winds southerly strong gusts to gale force, likely increasing south-southwesterly strong to gale force with gusts to storm force by the evening, veering southwesterly late night… High near 29°C/84°F, low near 24°C/76°F. UV Index – 10 or very high.

Thursday -Sunny periods with a few passing showers… Winds west-southwesterly strong gusts to gale force, decreasing westerly moderate to strong in the afternoon, veering west-northwesterly moderate overnight… High near 29°C/85°F, low near 26°C/78°F.

Friday -Sunny periods… Winds west-northwesterly light to moderate, decreasing northwesterly light to moderate in the afternoon, veering northeasterly overnight… High near 28°C/83°F, low near 24°C/76°F.

Saturday -Sunny periods with a few showers, mainly early and late… Winds northeasterly light to moderate… High near 27°C/80°F, low near 22°C/72°F.

Climate data recorded Monday, August 25, 2014, at the L.F.Wade International Airport –

Hours of sunshine: 0


Maximum: 24.5°C/76.1°F
Minimum: 20.4°C/68.7°F
Sea Surface: 27.3°C/81.1°F


Yesterday: 65.5mm/2.58″
August to date: 317.2mm/12.49″
Past 30 Days: 328.9mm/12.95″

Meteorologist: Michelle Pitcher, Observer: Wayne Little

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