Ivor Walters Primary achieves spectacular victory in Primary Schools’ League

By: Curtis Morton

Many of us would have heard about teams ‘snatching victory from the jaws of defeat,’ but in a strange twist of fortunes, the TDC/Runako Morton Primary Schools’ Cricket League, saw a weird variation from the norm, as the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary school (EPPS) managed to SNATCH DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY.

There is no better explanation.

The defending champions, after experiencing a shock defeat in their first encounter versus the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School (JLPS), came out on the afternoon of Tuesday 27th June to face off with Ivor Walters Primary (IWPS), at the ET Willet Park.

EPPS opted to bat first and made what appeared to be an impressive 66 for 5  from their allotted 15 overs.

Coach Adelvin Phillip would have probably told his young guards that that was more than enough, if they could only finish well.

The IWPS team in response, lost wickets regularly and except for a stodgy partnership between Captain Damari Mitchel and debutant Lyte Browne, who is incidentally the son of Virgil Browne (former Windies Massage Therapist), they seemed destined for defeat.

What with all of 17 runs required from the final two overs and then ten required from the final over.

If that was not enough, the first three deliveries of the final over, were dot balls and so with three balls remaining and all of 10 runs required, small wonder that the EPPS team was perched at the boundary’s edge, ready to race on in celebration.

And then it happened.

Ball number four was pushed away for a single; ball number five was smashed by young Jones towards the boundary—looked close, but the umpire allowed three.

Ball number six, with all of 6 required from that last ball, the bowler delivered a wide and the batsmen scampered through for an extra run.

Four runs required from one ball.

The bowler delivered another wide and this time with the fielders panicking, the batsmen scampered through for two extra runs.

The scores are unbelievably tied and after some confusion, it is sorted out and it is finalized that IWPS needed one run for victory.

The bowler commits yet another cardinal sin: He bowls another wide and the batsmen scamper for the extra run and the air is punctuated with screams of joy. Ivor Walters Primary had pulled off the impossible!

Summarized scores: EPPS 66 for 5 from 15 overs: Tnajae Lawrence 28; Diamond Phillip 18; Romario Morgan 10

Amore Jones 2 for 23

IWPS 68 for 8 from 14.5 overs: Damari Mitchel 25; Lyte Browne 8;

Shayan Boddie 2 for 12; Dinari Brandy 2 for 13; Romario Morgan 2 of 15

IWPS won by 2 wickets

Meanwhile, that very morning, Theo Queeley of the Charlestown Primary School (CPS), slammed the first half century of the 2017 league versus the VOJN Primary School.

However, the VOJN boys made a serious fight of it but succumbed at 73, all out.

Another intriguing contest indeed.

Summarized scores: CPS 80 all out in 14 overs: Theo Queeley hitting the first half century-51 with 6 fours and 1 six

Keandre Lewis 2 wickets; 1 wicket apiece for D. Prentice; D. Brookes and H. Jeffers

VOJN 73 all out

Chris Gonzalez 20; K. Webbe 15

Ovanje Amory 3 for 10; Theo Queeley 2 for 9

CPS won by 7 runs

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