Jason Liburd Gives Back To His Alma Mater

By:Curtis Morton
Gingerland-Nevis-Former locally renowned Jockey, Jason Liburd, who is now an accomplished Farrier in the United States of America, made contact earlier this week with Headmistress of the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School, Miss Barbara Hendrickson and pledged his commitment to his alma mater, in the form of an undisclosed cheque amount which will serve to assist two students at the school, over an indefinite period of time.
In the first instance, Jason intends to assist one child in making the first term transition from grade six at the school, into the Gingerland Secondary school.
The money will help to take care of basic needs, such as books, uniforms; school bags etc.
In another year’s time, another student would benefit in a similar manner.
The second aspect of his sponsorship is to fund a child for a term, to be part of the school’s meal program.
Various students will benefit in this regard from term to term.
However, Jason has some specifications:
The teachers are being asked to identify students who are considered to be in need; academically ambitious and involved in sports.
Jason indicated that he grew up knowing what it was like to struggle financially and thanks his mother very much for her unwavering sacrifices.
‘Now that I can do better, I have to help others along the way,’ he said.

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