justice in the case of the youthful Riegel Philo Wallace

Charlestown-Nevis—They were small in number—probably less than thirty individuals, but their voices resounded throughout the streets of Charlestown, on Friday 20th November.

Family, friends and members of the general public, had united in a march which they hoped would effectively bring speedy justice in the case of the youthful Riegel Philo Wallace who was shot and killed in the early hours of Saturday 17th October.

Among those present, was father of the late national cricketer, Raphael RAFFIE Wallace and several of his aunts and close relatives.

They mostly carried placards and the messages were united and clear:

They wanted ‘Justice for Philo.’

The march commenced in the vicinity of the Charlestown Wesleyan Holiness Church and the marchers made their way through Main Street, Charlestown and closed off the procession at the Enrique bar, where young Wallace was fatally wounded.

Here the marchers chanted and were even more vociferous as they shouted out their main theme: ‘Justice for Philo.’

Police officers accompanied the march to ensure the safety of all concerned.

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