By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The annual Leeward Islands Calypso show was held in Anguilla, as part of the island’s carnival celebrations, on Saturday 6th August.

An interesting scenario existed at the show, in terms of representation from St.Kitts and Nevis.

For the first time in the history of the event, the two persons representing the Federation were from Nevis.

Keith Scarborough aka King Dis ‘N’ Dat represented the island of Nevis, as the 2016 Culturama Calypso King, while Oscar ‘Astro’ Browne, represented the federation of St.Kitts and Nevis as the Federal Carnival King from 2015.

Another first for the competition, saw more females in the show than males. Some five females competed representing their respective islands.

At the end of the competition, the top three placers were as follows:

Monarch: Singing Roxxy (Roxanne Webster) of Anguilla

1st runner up Singing Thalia of Antigua

2nd runner up ‘Di Bear’ out of Antigua who was the defending monarch.

Dis ‘N” Dat confided that the competition was of a high standard and that young ROXXY who was named winner, “was not bad” but certainly did not deserved the first place.

He indicated that the same six judges who judged the Anguilla Calypso show and crowned her Monarch, were the same six judges used in the Leeward Islands competition.

He referred to that composition of judges as a receipt for disaster, as he is quite sure that they had their natural biases.

He also indicated that De Bear is normally a superlative act but on that night, in his opinion, he should not have placed.

When quizzed about the specific placements of himself and Astro, he indicated that those results were not given but admitted that it would be interesting to find out.

However, he indicated that he thoroughly enjoyed the show. He commended the All-stars band and the MC, Basil Chambers for their dynamic output on the night.

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