King Dis ‘n Dat reigns supreme for 2014

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- Sunday night’s Calypso Monarch competition, which was staged at the Cultural Complex in Charlestown, was of a high standard. This was the view expressed by those persons in attendance and by the calypso pundits across the island. Many were of the perspective, that the competition tested the professionalism of the calypsonians.

The quality performances, delivered by all the finalists were greatly appreciated by the packed-to-capacity crowd that witnessed what was termed, ‘the tightest competition in a long time’.

The first round started on an intense note with Oscar ‘Astro’ Browne who got the crowd going with his entrance song ‘To be Nevisian’. The attendees gravitated to him and by the time he was through with the tune, the audience gave him a rousing applause. Baker, Hollywood, Dis n Dat, Daddy Nature, JoJo, Black Hat, Nutsy and reigning King Bhingi all gave their best, leaving the crowd unsure of who might be in the lead at the end of round one.

As the show moved into the second round, things got more and more intense and the performances of most the artists were even better than that in the first round. Without a doubt, the most celebrated performance for the evening was that of Bernette ‘Nutsy’ Thompson, who virtually had everyone in the audience jumping and whining to his popular song ’40 years’.

When it was time for the official results, everyone seemed to be holding on to the edges of their seat. The second runner- up position went to ‘Nutsy’ who received 777 points for his two songs ‘All Aboard’ and ’40 Years’. First runner-up went to the three times monarch ‘Astro’ who gained a maximum of 792 points with his two tunes, ‘To be Nevisian’ and ’Hot time in me island’.

After the MC had announced the first runner-up there was no uncertainty as to whom the winner was and the crowd started chanting, “Dis n Dat”. The judges unanimously agreed that he was beyond his competitors and gave him a tally of 825 points for his two songs, ‘Unsung Hero’ and ‘Chook Dem’ and in the process crowning him Calypso Monarch 2014. His win gave him the opportunity to walk away with a Red Yaris, compliments of TDC St. Kitts-Nevis.

Overall the show was well attended and created intensity from start to finish and everyone left knowing they had witnessed Nevis’ calypso at its very best.

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