Charlestown-Nevis-Reigning Culturama King, King Astro, is confident that he will finally accomplish ‘the impossible,’ this year as he seeks to achieve a feat, which so far has only been thought of during the forty –two years of Culturama. That is to win the Calypso crown two years in a row.

However, little does he know that his very own cousin, is bent on thwarting his plans as he seeks to win a crown at the festival for the very first time in his singing career.

King Irwin is no stranger to the St.Kitts and Nevis Calypso world. He first came on the scene as a little boy in 1977 when he copped the first ever Junior Calypso crown and was given a ‘by’ into the senior calypso finals that same year.

He performed creditably, even though he was not placed.

Since then he was a regular in the semis and finals of carnival shows until they were finished away with in 1978 and then a regular for Culturama calypso shows, even though some would argue that he got several raw deals.

He later abandoned the art form as he entered into a faith walk with God but within the last two years due to certain circumstances in his life, he has reentered the calypso arena.

Firstly, making a huge impact in the St.Kitts-Nevis calypso shows in 2014 and 2015 and then also in 2015 when he made it into the Culturama finals.


King Irwin made an early release for 2016 on the popular “On the Mark show’ aired on VON radio, on Wednesday 18th May and noted that he has had rave reviews since then. The song is called ‘We Culturama and spells out the reasons and the joys for celebrating Culturama, going back to the pain and humiliation inflicted on our ancestors who fought hard to make life easier for us.

He will not release song number two until the night of the semi -finals. This one he will keep close to his heart.

He noted that he has assessed his failures in the past and thinks he has the solution and the right mix to take the crown this year.

‘For one, I have limited funds and to get the music and the recording done early, were always and issue but I started early this year. I have my music done already; one song is out and making waves and the other is equally powerful,’ he stated confidently.

Seems like the final night for the Culturama 2016 calypso finals will be one that will not be soon forgotten.

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