King of Cali Rules Once More

The C40 Drag Race meet attracted a huge crowd on Sunday, July 27, 2014 at the St. James’ Raceway.

Gavin ‘Moon’ Clarke who was smarting from a licking delivered by ‘Big Sexy’ in the meet held in Grenada, had vowed that his racing beauty—‘King of Cali’, would return to its winning ways for Culturama 40.

That is exactly what he did. ‘King of Cali’ dominated the eagerly anticipated Outlaw class to take the winner’s trophy. The meet was officially dubbed: ‘International Invasion drag race C40 Edition.’

Here are the overall results:

13 seconds class
Winner: Felix Smithen (Nevis)
2nd place: Michael Rodgers (SKB)

12 seconds class:
Winner: Clevis Nisbett (Nevis)
2nd place: Eshban Weekes (SKB)

11 seconds class:
Winner: Dwayne “Zumie” De Costa (SKB)
2nd place: Earl ” Panco” Hanley (Nevis)

10 seconds class:
Winner: Calbert “Decky” Williams (SKB)
2nd Place: Shanga David (Nevis)

Open Class:
Winner: Lewis Elder (Antigua)
2nd place: Joseph Woods (SXM)

Outlaw class:
Winner: Gavin ” Moon” Clarke
2nd place: Eustace “Smarty” Nisbett

Bike class:
Winner: Gavin France (Nevis)
2nd place: Shandu Bisette (Nevis)

CJ Bartlette of the Nevis Drag Racing Unit stated: “On behalf of the Nevis Island Administration and the Nevis Drag Racing Unit would like to thank all racers who participated in the “International Invasion C40 Edition” and congrats to all 1st and 2nd place winners.

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