By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Miss Tracey Parris, a Community Development officer on Nevis, confirmed on Monday that her sister Mrs. Lea Parris -Cambridge, who is the founder and CEO of the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association, was indeed diagnosed last week, with stage four cancer.

Lea Parris Cambridge defied all odds as a breast cancer survivor, to not only get married but also to bring two beautiful daughters into the world, since her original diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007.

Tracey further confirmed that the current diagnosis has revealed that the cancer has spread to affect her sister’s liver and spine.

However, despite the seriousness of the situation, the spunky Lea has maintained her trust in God and has vowed to fight the dreaded scourge until she cannot fight anymore.

Tracey described the days following the recent diagnosis as ‘stressful and painful.’

She noted that it was heart-breaking news to be received by the family and more especially by her children and husband.

However, Lea is scheduled to commence treatment to fight the disease shortly and the encouraging news is that with increased knowledge and improvements in medical care, which she will receive in England, there is the high possibility of a prolonged and continued fulfilling life for an indefinite number of years yet.

Lea Parris- Cambridge will be traveling to Nevis towards the end of the month where she will finalize certain family issues and business pertaining to the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association, before returning to the UK for her treatment.

The Pink Lily Cancer Care Association has assisted many men and women, as they or their family members go through the rigours and stresses of being affected with the dreaded disease. The Association has helped financially and also in terms of counselling and other critical aspects.

Just recently, Lea was the prime advocate seeking blood donations and monetary assistance in order to prolong the life of another stage four cancer victim, Patefield Andrew, who has since passed on.

The prayers of the entire nation will be with this brave pioneer as she continues her war on cancer.

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