By:Curtis Morton

Champion Athlete at the Gingerland Secondary School, Leroy Chapman cruised home in record time in the 800 meter event, on Thursday 23rd February at the Gingerland recreation grounds, to crush a 34 year old record, previously held by Merlin newton.

The speedster had previously slowed up badly in the 400 meter event, to tease his closest rival into the finish line, instead of possibly breaking the record, but this time around, he made no such mistake.

The occasion was the annual Gingerland Secondary School’s sports meet, held under the patronage of former outstanding athlete at the school, Al SCOOT Liburd.

Quite a number of records were broken as athletes in the various age categories served to excite the sizeable crowd which increased tremendously after the end of the work day.

The athletes competed in the 400 meters; 800; 1200; 1500; 200; 100; 4X100 and 4X400 meters events and served to thrill the crowd in the process.

The final point standings at the end of the day were:

Red house –champion-269 points

Blue houe-222 points

Green house 184 points

The school appears quite ready for the upcoming High schools championship which will be held at the ET Willet Park March 11th and 12th and which will also feature athletes from the Charlestown Secondary school and the Nevis International high School.

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