Lewis Elliott – One Away From the Century

Gingerland, Nevis – Wednesday, February 19, 2020, was a very special day in the lives of the Elliott family of Gingerland, but more specifically, in the life of Mr. Lewis ‘ROPER’ Elliott.  On that day, the elder statesman reached the significant milestone of 99 years of age.

His loving family celebrated him in style.  So significant was the occasion, that the family took time out to celebrate him on two separate days.

Mr Lewis Elliott with son Mr. Edson Elliott (Photo Credit – Stevenson Manners)

On Sunday, February 16, a grand luncheon was held in his honour, at the Pond Hill Community Center.  On that day, the proceedings were ably chaired by one of his sons, Elvette Elliott and included prayer, scripture reading and worship songs led by the United Pentecostal church.

A special prayer for the celebrant was done by Pastor Londy Esdaille.  Elder Vincent Chapman then serenaded the ‘birthday boy,’ in song and then a sumptuous lunch was served.  After lunch, there were renditions by Lornette Hanley, followed by Meredith and Sylvia Hendrickson.

Special tributes were paid by the following persons:
Edson Elliott (on behalf of the children); Tamal Elliott (on behalf of the grand and great-grandchildren); his sister Janetta Morgan and Mr. Hanzel Manners (on behalf of the nephews and nieces).

Additional tributes were done by the Ebenezer United church and the Gingerland Seventh Day Adventist church.  The celebration concluded with the singing of the birthday song and the well-known chorus ‘thank you Lord for one more year.’

Daughter Angelica Elliott delivered the vote of thanks.

On Wednesday, February 19 the actual birth date of the hard-working family man, a special ceremony was held at his home in Pond Hill, to commemorate the event.  It all started with an invocation, scripture reading and a medley of choruses.

Several tributes were then paid to the great man:
These included: Averil Elliott (representing her husband and the other children, via a wonderfully crafted, original poem)); Tamal Elliott (on behalf of the grand and great-grandchildren); his sister-Janetta Morgan and Mr. Stevenson Manners (on behalf of the nephews and nieces).

Manners, in giving a historical overview, noted that another family member, Ms. Dowie Elliott, previously got to the ripe old age of 103 and urged Mr. Elliott to take care in getting the well needed single.

Meredith and Sylvia Hendrickson, brought joy to the celebrant, through song and this was followed by two important presentations.  The first was done by Ms. Veronica Brandy, on behalf of the Pond Hill/Clay Ghaut/Cox and Beach Road Communities and Minister of Social Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn, presented on behalf of his Ministry and the City Drug store, in the form of a plaque and a fruit basket.

He thanked the children and Caregivers for the wonderful treatment being administered to the celebrant, in his own home and wished him well, indicating that ‘we will be back next year for the century, by God’s grace.’

An important moment came, when the celebrated man of the hour, had his chance to speak.  They had problems getting him to stop, as he entertained with his sharp wit and alert memory.

The vote of thanks was done by his daughter, Angelica Elliott.

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