Local divers retrieve mutilated body of French youth killed in tragic boating accident last Saturday

By Erasmus Williams

Charlestown, Nevis, February 26, 2018Divers retrieved the body of a French national from the waters of Nevis’ Pinney’s Beach on Saturday following a tragic boat incident late Saturday afternoon.

Twenty-four-year old Keryan Grimault was swimming in the waters of Pinney’s Beach when the incident occurred. He was said to be visiting his parents who reside at Cliff Dwellers.

The boat reportedly owned by Wincent Perkins and under the command of Cameron Aaron, was transporting some guests to the nearby Four Seasons Resort when the deadly incident occurred.

“The propeller of the boat mauled the tourist who was in the water either swimming or snorkelling,” a source said Saturday night.

Another source said local divers retrieved the badly mutilated body from the bottom of the sea.

Police said one person is being held for questioning.

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