Charlestown-Nevis—“You have stumped me with that one. These children ask some serious questions!”

Those were some of the expressions of the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams as she faced what can well be termed as her toughest press conference since she took office.

It was Wednesday 6th April and the Hon. Minister had just completed an impressive heart to heart talk with the older participants of the ongoing CAMP LEAD camp, being hosted and coordinated by the Youth and Sports Department in Nevis, at the ET Willet Park.

She had taken time out to illustrate to the potential young leaders that acquiring a leadership position in society took time and was progressive in nature.


She spoke to her early involvement in Sunday school and her active involvement in well-known organizations such as the Girl Brigades; Church choir; 4H club; AYPA and the Nevis Youth Council.

She noted that these institutions assisted her in learning certain basic life skills and that she also developed her oratory skills; an urge for volunteerism and also learnt the importance of team work.

She also spoke to her direct interaction and assistance to youths and seniors within the Nevisian community, as vital steps towards her current assignment as a Minister of government.

She then opened the floor to her youthful audience for questions and that is when things got more interesting.

The children asked such questions as:

  • Exactly what do you do as a Minister of Government?
  • Did the government choose you or did you go and ask for the position?
  • When did you start in this job?
  • Why did they choose you to be the Minister?
  • Do you have meetings with the Prime Minister?
  • When you go to parliament, why do you read the bills twice?
  • Do you have stress on the job?
  • How did you work for the job?
  • Do you do a lot of paper work?

Minister Brandy –Williams skilfully and adequately addressed the issues raised by the youngsters and then wished them every success for the remainder of the camp and advised them to live positive and meaningful lives, so that one day, they too can become outstanding leaders within the community.

At the end of the question and answer period, Miss Kerdis Clarke, Counsellor at the Youth and Sports Department, delivered the vote of thanks.

Meanwhile, the younger children at the camp, spent time enjoying a wonderful puppet show, conducted by the David brothers which also dealt with the issue of leadership.

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