By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—it was Wednesday 1st March and Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams who was celebrating the significant milestone of her fiftieth birthday, had passed by her office, because she was ‘summoned’ by her Assistant Secretary Miss D. Michelle Liburd, to deal with a matter urgently.

As she opened the door to her office, she got the shock of her life, as the beautiful strains of the steel pan were heard, ringing out the happy birthday song.

The music was emanating from the skilled hands of Gavin Patterson and then the voices of about a dozen individuals joined to salute the Minister on her special day.

The look of amazement on her face was worth more than a million dollars. It was obvious that the secret had been well kept and executed.

Minister Brandy Williams, once she had caught her breath, thanked everyone for making her day special.

‘You all got me!’ she said laughing.

Present and making complimentary remarks were Mrs. Nichole Slack-Liburd-Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health; Legal Counsel, Mr. Colin Tyrell; Keith Scarborough (DIS & DAT), who also sang the birthday song and staff members at the Ministry of Social Development.

Miss D. Michelle Liburd also presented the Minister with an impressive bouquet of flowers and Mr. Colin Tyrell presented her with a fruit basket.

Pastor Stephen Liburd invoked God’s blessings on the Minister, asking God to continue to give her wisdom and strength as she continues on the path of service to humanity.

Mister Brandy-Williams once again thanked everyone for thinking of her and making her birthday such a special occasion.

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