Charlestown-Nevis-Mrs. Janet Meloney, Director of the Community Development Department, has revealed that the third annual edition of ‘Miracle on Main Street,’ is definitely on.

As a matter of fact, the date for this year’s event is now set for Friday 22nd December.

Mrs. Meloney is imploring the general public to come out in their numbers and support the event, which has as its main objectives: The preservation and continuity of certain cultural traditions, with specific focus on food, drink and folklore.

The action commences at 10 am, in the vicinity of the DR Walwyn Plaza, with the sale of traditional food and drink such as rice and pigeon peas; coleslaw; pinchie; coconut tarts; potato pudding; roast chicken and much more.

The traditional drinks will include sorrel and mawby.

Later that same day, there will be a cadre of performances which will include: Johnny Walker; Sweet Lemon; Giant Despair; Cowboys and Indians; the Fisherman’s dance; cake walk; mocko jumbie; clowns; masquerades and the Bull out of St. Kitts.


Mrs. Meloney noted that in keeping with her Department’s thrust to preserve the cultural traditions, young persons within the various communities across the island, will feature in a lot of the dances and are currently being coached by more experienced exponents of the art forms.

The evening will climax with some renditions by the scintillating NEPAC choir and it is hoped that a skit, focusing on the birth of Christ, will also be a part of the day’s activities.

Mrs. Meloney is adamant that Christ must always be kept central in any Christmas celebrations.

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