Mr. Kool Participant: Contestant #2 Wricherley Gumbs

Wricherley Gumbs
Participant #2
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Passion and determination are hallmark qualities of Wricherley Gumbs. A vibrant, active and focused 21 year old, Wricherley has dedicated his personal and professional skills to uplifting and encouraging young people throughout the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Wricherley Gumbs
Wricherley Gumbs

He was raised in the village of Old Road which is located in the parish of St. Thomas, St. Kitts.

As a demonstration of his entrepreneurial spirit, he combined his love of the arts with advocacy to create the Youth Extravaganza Explosion of the Arts (YEEA) an arts-based non-profit organization that focuses on literary arts for youth. Established in 2014, the YEEA has coordinated a Literary and Performing Arts concert, a summer camp that catered to forty-five children and an education Academy that has a current enrolment of 65 students ages 9-14.

He nurtured his leadership skills as a member of the Student Government Associations for the Washington Archibald High School and the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. He was elected president of both associations.

Wricherley’s pursuit of excellence and his commitment to making a difference in his community has not gone unnoticed. In 2012, he was named a remarkable teen for Youth Activism, an initiative by the Ministry of Youth Empowerment. That same year, he also earned second place for the Federation’s State Scholarship.

In describing the recognition he has received, Wricherley says, “To be an inspiration to others is a thrilling experience and it makes life worthwhile.”

His greatest passion is working with youth as a mentor. He believes that offering positive programs allows those who would not dare to dream an alternative. It keeps them off the streets and can help them develop into productive and confident individuals.