NASPA suspends work on Charlestown tender pier refurbishment project

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 23, 2020) — Due to the recent spate of high seas, the refurbishment of the Charlestown tender pier has been suspended.

In a press statement dated January 23, 2020, the Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) stated that a decision was taken to halt the project to ensure the safety of contractors and workers due to high winds, sea swells and rip currents which pose a danger to life and equipment.

In spite of the largely unfavourable sea conditions, the authority noted that the project is already at the halfway mark but would be on hold until the weather conditions improve.

“As much as we, the contractor, and the Nevisian public, would like to see this facility completed and in operation, we would need at least one to two weeks of consistent calmer seas and better weather in which to work.

“We want to reassure the general public that once the conditions are good, we will see much progress at the work site. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to improve our facilities in a safe and conducive manner,” the release said.

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