Netball : Blue Tides Dim Uprising Stars

Another sizeable crowd, showed up at the Brown Hill hard court, on the evening of Saturday, November 28, 2020.  This, as exciting activities in the ongoing Netball tournament, being hosted jointly by the Nevis Netball Association and the Sports Department, continued, with a doubleheader.

In-game one, Blue Tides locked horns with the Uprising stars.

The Blue Tides kept swelling throughout the game, but the stars also had their moments and indeed, they were ones that the majority of the spectators were rooting for.  Every shot made; every great defensive play was applauded vociferously.

In the end, though, the Blue Tides prevailed, ably led by star goal shooter, Michelle Liburd.

Final score: Blue Tides 41 Uprising Stars 18

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