Netball : Blue Tides Out Uprising Stars

The exciting, ongoing Netball tournament, being hosted jointly by the Sports department and the Nevis Netball Association, continued at the Brown Hill court, on the evening of Saturday, November 14, 2020.

In-game one, Blue Tides came up against, the DC Uprising Stars.

Blue Tides started making waves very early in the first quarter and it appeared as if the Stars were not going to shine.

However, reinforcement came in the second quarter, as some of their top players arrived a little late and suddenly, there was a game on.

Whenever a goal was scored, there was no doubt that the crowd was more supportive of the youthful team and kept urging them on.

At the final whistle, however, the Blue Tides remained the dominant force, with a scoreline of 40 to 24

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