Nevis Government to Pay Public Servants an Additional 5% Salary Increase In January 2024

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (December 01, 2023)- Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley, Minister of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), has confirmed that all employees of the NIA can look forward to a five percent salary increase in January 2024.

“What you can watch for in Nevis is the pay increase that will come in January- a five percent salary increase that was promised. It’s the last tranche in the 15 percent that we have offered and I feel very proud about that because we made that commitment and we are keeping that commitment,” Premier Brantley affirmed at a recent press engagement

“So every public worker in Nevis is going to see a five percent increase in their salary on January 01…So I think in Nevis we as a government have done well by our public servants, because nowhere else in the private sector or elsewhere has there been a 15 percent salary increase in the last two years. We have done that in Nevis and we will make the provision in this budget for that increase to take effect in January.”

Responding to media queries regarding the possibility of the NIA paying public servants a doubly salary in December the Premier stated that the NIA will not be paying a double salary unless one is announced in St. Kitts.

“We need to rethink this approach about double salary, that’s my view, and we need to find a way where we have evaluations done and at the end of the year we say that these are the top performers, they get something; if you’re not performing, better luck next year, pull up your socks. But this thing of giving everybody I think works as a disincentive for those workers who are really committed to the task at hand,” he explained.

Public servants on Nevis received the first tranche of the 15 percent salary increase in May 2022, with the five percent increase being paid retroactive to January 2022. Government workers received the second increase of an additional five percent in January 2023.


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