Nevis Ministry of Health, NHCS Collaborate on Free Removal of Derelict Vehicles for Earth Day

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS- The Ministry of Health et al. wishes to encourage the general public in possession of derelict vehicles to voluntarily make arrangements to have them removed. These vehicles not only diminish the aesthetics of our community but are also health hazards providing harborage and/or breeding sites for rodents and insects that spread diseases.

To facilitate this removal process for the collective good, the Ministry has partnered with the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society which will coordinate removal free of cost. This will be done in recognition of Earth Day on April 22, 2024. Thanks to the support of Ocean Conservancy.

Please contact the NHCS representatives at 660-7833/469 -9423 to arrange FREE collection. Please note that some hotspots have already been identified and owners will be contacted to encourage voluntary removal at no cost. Failure to comply will result in the owners/responsible party being served with an Enforcement Order.

Guided by the Solid Waste Management Ordinance, removal will be required within seven (7) days at the expense of the owner or person in charge of the vehicle. If on the expiry of seven days such vehicle is not removed, the Authority or an authorized officer shall arrange for the removal of such vehicle.

All expenses incurred by the Authority related to the removal may be recovered from the owner or person in charge of the vehicle as a civil debt owing to the Authority at the Magistrate’s Court in Charlestown.

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