Nevis Netball Interim Committee Elected

There is a new Interim body for Nevis Netball after a focus netball forum hosted by the Department of Sports at the Nevis Disaster conference room on Saturday March 09th 2019, 9:00am.

The agenda listed a Prayer by Kelvin Bramble, Opening Remarks from Jamir Claxton, Director of Sports, Minister’s Remarks by Hon. Eric Evelyn, Netball Updates from Vera Herbert followed by an Open Discussion on Netball in Nevis, among the twenty-six in attendance, which gave Segway to the Establishment of a Body to run Netball in Nevis.

The attendees then moved to a vote to elect an interim body, which will manage Netball on Nevis until an Annual General Meeting of the Nevis Netball Association is called in January 2020.

The Interim body consists of:

President- Mrs. Lydia Thompson-Claxton
Vice President – Mrs. Carol Liburd-Ward
Treasurer – Vera Herbert
Secretary – Sharlene Martin
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Sylvia Powell
Public Relations Officer- Alister Thompson

Floor Members
Dio Hendrickson
Everet Sargeant
Jasmin Charles

The new interim President gave brief remarks after being elected; she stated “I am shell-shocked at the fact that I have been elected, as my attendance at this forum was due to my genuine love of netball and to add my view on the improvement of the status of netball.” She then expressed that she was honored to have been elected and will do the best that she can and she is here also to learn and gain knowledge from Ms. Grell-Hull and Vera Herbert who were previous presidents.
She further noted “I am not going to be a President who acts as a lord over the body but to serve and work together with the executives on the body and the general public who have the best interest for Netball in Nevis.”

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