By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Rudy Browne, Operations Manager at the Sanitary Landfill operated by the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), recently thanked the general public for the positive response to the newly installed bins, which have been placed at strategic locations throughout the island.

Browne in making reference to the bins, indicated that they were ‘animal proof.’
According to Browne, there were some areas that were proving problematic to the Authority as animals such as donkeys especially and dogs, were wreaking havoc with the previously placed ‘wheely bins.’

He pointed out that even though some of the bins were placed in cages, they were normally filled to capacity and low enough to be accessed by the animals and those areas were normally very unkempt as the animals usually spilled the refuse, making the area very untidy.
Manager at the NSWMA, Andrew Hendrickson and Browne, knocked heads together

and came up with the innovative idea of the new bins.
What makes the difference?

The bins are made from plywood and are therefore very firm and weighty and thus impossible for the animals to topple over. They are approximately four feet plus, in height and that also makes it impossible for the animals to access.
The top is completely open and the members of the general public are required to place their refuse in plastic bags and simply toss them in. There is a door at the front but this is only used by the collectors who will open the door and remove the plastic bags.

So far, the new bins are placed at Zetlands; Cole Hill; Brown Pasture; Cotton Ground and Westbury, which were considered as problem areas.

However, more are needed and Browne is appealing to the business public to provide sponsorship so that more can be built. The business entities sponsoring the bins will be able to place advertising information/signs on the two sides of the bins, in return.
The bins are currently being constructed by Pastor Bernard Browne and his construction team at a cost of $800.00 per bin.
Interested persons/businesses willing to sponsor a bin can call the office at 1-869-469-1762.

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