Newtown Defeats Hardtimes on Home Turf

As part of the SKNFA organized tournament, the Hard times Football team journeyed to St. Kitts to engage the Newtown Football team, at the Newtown Playing field, on the evening of Thursday 21st March.
They knew from the outset, that they would be in for a HARD TIME, but pledged to give it their all nonetheless—and that they did.
There were a few close calls in the first half, but to their credit, the Hard times defence held true—well, at least into the second half.
As the Hard times men got burnt out however, the fitter and more agile Newtown team, spurred on by a partisan crowd, seized the opportunity to pummel home, not one, but three goals.
Goalie PAS made some great saves, but he had his work cut out for him.
Final score: Newtown 3 Hard times NIL

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