By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The Nurses Association on Nevis is in the process of holding its annual week of activities.

The week of activities is being held under the theme: “Nurses: A force for change: Improving health systems’ resilience.”

The Nurses enjoyed a pre week activity on Saturday 7th May when a number of them hiked to the water falls in St. James’ Parish.

Today, Monday 9th May, the Nurses led out in the morning devotions on VON radio and this will be followed by a significant activity tonight in the form of a candle light vigil, in memory of two fallen comrades: Miss Shelma Brookes-Nurse and Mrs. Shelly Sutton-Nursing Attendant.

The week will also be officially declared open by Minister of Health, Hon. Mark Brantley, in a radio and television broadcast.

The remainder of the   week of activities is as follows:

Tuesday May 10th ♦ Morning devotion on Von Radio

♦ Promoting Nursing in the schools

♦ Health walk from Alexandra Hospital to Pinneys

Beach starts at 6pm

Wednesday May 11th ♦ Morning devotion on Von Radio

♦ Nurses symposium Alexandra Hospital

Conference room at 10am

♦ Visitation to sick and shut in Nurses

Thursday May 12th ♦ Morning devotion on Von Radio

Nurses Day ♦ Church service at Cross Roads church starts at


Friday May 13th ♦ Morning devotion on Von Radio

♦ Take away luncheon on sale

♦ T-Shirt Day

Saturday May 14th ♦ Cocktail at Golden Rock Hotel starts at 7:30pm

♦ Dress code formal

Sunday May 15 ♦ Family Beachnic (bring your family and a dish)

At Oualie Beach starts 2pm

Matron Sinica Dias of the Alexandra Hospital, on Monday placed an urgent call to members of the general public to continue to support the Nurses in all of their endeavours.

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