By Curtis Morton

The St.Thomas’ Primary School (STPS), held its annual sports meet on Wednesday 21st February, at the school’s grounds.

The distinguished patron for the day, was former principal at the school, Ms. Earlene Maynard.

There was a huge gathering on hand, to witness the champion school on show and the athletes did not disappoint.

The competition was fierce, as they competed in the 400; 800; 200; 80; 100; 1200; 4X100 and 4X400 meters events.

Some of the finishes were very close and it certainly demonstrated that the champion school, intends to defend its championship, come Interprimary championships, scheduled for the 28th March.

When the points were tabulated, the results were as follows:

Champions-Green Sparrows-284 points

2nd-Orange Eagles-210 points

3rd Blue Hawks-178 points



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